2016 | UK | 83 mins | Cert TBC



Director: Stu Stone

Writers: Stu Stone & Adam Rodness

Producers: Stu Stone & Adam Rodness

Cast: Nine Kiri (Let Her Out), Sammi Barber (Precious Cargo), Chris Kapeleris (The Kennedys After Camelot), Colin Price (Bed of the Dead) & Samantha Cole (Bed of the Dead)


A group of 20-somethings set out to discover if an urban myth of a haunted house holds any truth.

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"Taking an all too familiar plot and making it feel fresh and interesting

isn’t an easy thing to do, but director Stuart Stone manages to pull it

off... the script makes the lead up to the horror enjoyable and

believable.- Rogue Cinema

"Once the film moves into fright mode, it gets creepy fast."

- Beneath Underground